Don’t Stop Believing! by Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer has been a huge blessing and mentor to millions of people searching for hope and purpose in this crazy world we live in. She has a candid, effective, powerfully anointed, and often humorous way of broaching some tough topics in a way that sinks in and reaches many who may never darken the doors of the local church. Read one of her articles here…

Have you been praying about a situation in your life and found yourself waiting for a breakthrough? Are you wondering why the answer hasn’t come yet? Do you feel as though victory is passing you by? Sometimes when we pray long and hard about a situation in our life without receiving any answers, we just learn to live with it. We go on about our business, wondering if or when God will send the answer. But God does hear those prayers, and He’s working out the answers even though we may not know all the details. Our situation can change suddenly—quickly without warning!…. continue reading here.

May you be richly blessed,


“Dream Big & Aim High…. you just might get there.”

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