Keepin’ the Main thing the Main Thing

In these initial stages of the Stable Words blog, I have found myself challenged as to what to write and what to post. Should I try my best to be ‘socially acceptable’ or ‘politically correct?’ Or, is that even a possibility when delving into the things of God? In truth, it could be my own aversion to confrontation, harsh words, and the possibility of ruffling some feathers that holds me back from truly sharing what God has stirred up inside of me.

A good study of the heart of God and Jesus Christ and that mysterious Holy Spirit and one may quickly understand that the more we know of the Word, the less we really understand of the big picture of life, God, and this incredibly complex creation. For instance, Christians easily refer to the Holy Spirit in reference to the ‘Trinity’ yet get a bit glassy eyed and/or defensive when feeling the need or pressure to humanize, justify, or explain this part of God. How can any of us, truly, explain the ‘Spirit’ of the God of the Universe? Any human being that has ever existed, in the height of their intelligence could never fully or adequately explain in human terms the fullness and activity of the Holy Spirit. And, for those who assure they can… that is pride my friend, nothing but pride in one’s own presumed ability. But, it is that Holy Spirit that brings alive the life of Christ in those who long for it, wisdom in those who whole-heartedly desire it. Yet even that desire can take us to the ends of ourselves. Requiring us to put aside our safe ‘religious’ thinking in order to actually experience in a fresh, new and powerful way, God’s presence in our lives by the Holy Spirit. If we press in to God enough, He’s going to blow the top off the box we have Him in. He’s God, he’s not the neighbor next door.

The presence of God through the Holy Spirit is not something that can be explained, it must be experienced. And, it is still in keeping the Main thing the Main thing. What is the Main thing?…. Simple, Jesus. It is my belief, from studying the Bible, that Jesus Christ is the One True Son of the Living God who came to save mankind; Immanuel, God with us, God in the Flesh. Fully God, fully man… and a complete mystery to the human brain, but the sweetest honey to the depth of our soul. I believe Jesus took our sins upon himself at the Cross so we could be forgiven, making available to us, the option of believing in Him as our Lord and Saviour, securing our place in Heaven when our time is finished, and knowing we are never alone in this broken world we live in. That is my belief, that there is Oneway to eternal life, through the Main thing… Jesus Christ.

I do understand that many do not share this belief, and that is ok. If everyone in the world already believed in Jesus in a correct way, that means the world would have already gone through the end times. For now, we live in a pretty messed up place. This world is a very broken, yet passionate place. So many people with so many passionate belief systems. And the Word says, ‘there is a way that seems right to man, but the end thereof is death.’ Yikes, if I did not know Jesus, I’d be pretty darn scared. I do not believe there is any other way to eternal life in Heaven because a ‘human’ wants there to be. Our choice to believe what we do does not change the Ultimate Truth of God and who He is and how He has chosen to work out His plans and purposes. Yet I wholeheartedly believe in His Sovereignty and unconditional love for mankind. God already knows all our struggles, deceptions, confusion, internal and external battles, etc. And, He cares about each and everyone of them. His Word tells us that His Grace is sufficient and His love is greater than anything we could ever imagine. God is big enough to handle all the struggles we face, and cares about His kids who get so distraught and confused over technicalities, bickering as the Pharisees did over the law, and a barrage of mixed messages…. sadly even in the ‘christian’ camp. The most important thing to do in my own personal opinion is, ‘Keep the Main thing the Main thing.’ The Holy Spirit is all about working its fruit out in our lives, (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control) it’s up to us to let it happen, and there’s great power in that. God will work out all the other details. Learning to love others without judgement is the hard part for us humans.

love and blessings in Christ,

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