The Scenic Route

Do you ever wonder if you missed God? At one point you had life mapped out, a vision burning in your heart, clear as day…. Then, real life set in, that clear day became cloudy, busy, hustle, go, go, go…. All the while trying to hold on to that vision, that passion, ‘don’t let it go!’ you whisper to yourself. But, after a while it becomes more and more faint, more distant, feeling as though it will never again reappear. Similar to the seed sown among the thorns as told in Luke 8:14, choked out by the cares, riches and pleasures of this world. Often the dreams and visions God gives us must compete with the countless cares of our world… which can have tremendous power at times.  Life can throw some tough curve balls at us, but it ain’t over til it’s over.

Whatever tragedy, challenge, or detour that may come up in your life, take heart, there’s hope! Scripture is chock full of promises, stories, guidance, and absolute truth of a loving, patient, and faithful God and Father who restores our hope time and again. Through our relationship with Christ, Hope is alive in us no matter what. We may get off track and go through life’s boot camp for awhile. Yet, no matter where you are today, no matter the state of that dream in your heart, as we turn our hearts, passions, and focus back to Jesus, those dreams and visions begin to become clear once again. God alone is the One who breaths life into us and all that we are.

So, the big Q.: What is the substance of our dream? Is it solely for our own glory? If so, that is the pleasure we will get from it,… only what our own strength can bring. Or, is the substance of our dream for His Glory and for Loving on others, showing them His Heart? Therein lies the secret and the power. Dreaming God sized dreams brings forth God sized strength, power, and anointing beyond our own human comprehension.

The challenge: Love God, Love others, Listen to His whisper in your spirit, and dare to Dream those God given dreams and see what He will do.

love and blessings,


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