You Are the BEST You!

 In all the world, there is only one person who can best fulfill God’s specific, individual plan He has for your life.  Any idea who that might be?  Yes!  That’s right!  It’s YOU!  Just like a 5000 piece puzzle may look crazy impossible when you first pour it out of the box, once all the pieces are carefully and correctly put together, it creates a beautiful masterpiece.  If even one piece is not correctly placed, the picture is distorted and the pieces can get damaged if forced into a place they are not suppose to be.  Much like our own lives.

If forced into a mold not meant for us, damage and loss can happen.  This may be emotionally, spiritually, physically, or psychologically.  If we are forced to live someone elses ideas and plans other than God’s, we will never fully realize our full potential.  So, first step.  Realize who you are.  You were created in Him before the foundations of the world.  He knew You before the world was set in its place.  You were created with Purpose that only You can fulfill.  You were created by the Master’s hand for His good works.   And, a reassuring truth indeed, He desires to ‘prosper you and not to harm you.’  In the crazy world we live in, that’s one of my personal favorites enabling us to ‘be anxious for no-thing, but in prayer… trust, rest, and find our peace, comfort, strength, and motivation in Him.’

Pick up your copy of You’re Born an Original, Don’t Die a Copy by one of my favorite bestselling authors and motivational speakers, John Mason.  You’ll be glad you did….. Especially when one of ‘those’ days rolls around, if you know what I mean.

Be blessed,




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