Sometimes the thought of training our labs can be a daunting thought with their love of life and exhuberant personalities that want to explore, examine, and sniff everything around them. They are incredibly brilliant and full of promise when we commit to bringing those amazing qualities out. But it takes time, like all things worth while. When a seed is sown, the fruit is not picked the next day…. it takes time and nurturing, fertilizing, watering, pruning and protecting of the plant to grow and bring forth its best fruit. So, for those who have labs that spend their days alone with little to no interaction, possibly creating havoc as they try to entertain themselves, my heart goes out to them… there is great promise sitting there waiting to be brought out to be a blessing to their families and the world. Sometimes their inquisitive miinds may seem a little ADD…. or ADHD but be encouraged….. with a little love, guidance, attention, direction, and purpose, there is a precious jewel waiting to be polished and brought out. And when there is a set back, try and try again… it will all pay off in the long run. You just might have a genius on your hands!
Now, in a similar light, it’s a little like people. When there is love, guidance, attention, and purpose in our lives, we begin to blossom and see glimpses of what God created us to be. Each person’s journey is a very personal one. No two people are exactly alike, or travel the exact same road. Each adventure and purpose is unique to you, and meant to bring out the best in you…. Even heartache that we endure… there is purpose in it as we press in to God, receive his strength and healing, and go forth stronger than before. So, in life, no matter what happens, know that your Creator loves you and is watching over you each day, wanting to bring out the best. We are not left abandoned in the back yard of creation while He does great things in other peoples lives. We simply need to tune in to the trainer, be obedient, be kind to those around us, resist the distractions that trip us up, learn life’s lessons so we can move up to the next level of wisdom and growth…. and we even get treats along the way. 🙂 or at least the peace and blessing of His presence in our lives, and growing in wisdom, strength, and purpose.
Chapter of the day: James 3. Be careful with our words, make sure they are filled with love and kindness, for in them are the power of live and death. “It is easier to train a dog than to harness the tongue.” Just a little food for thought. Be blessed, shana ♥

(GoodLabOutfitter fb page entry 3/10/12)

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