What’s the Big Deal About Love?….

I do believe one of the greatest travesties of deception within oneself, and a great tool of the enemy is the denial of unhealthy pride. I believe we all, do a degree, have to battle this trait very carefully,… ‘being confident in who we are in Christ, yet not thinking more highly of ourselves than we ought.’ It pains me to see & hear of people, ‘Christians,’ mistreating others, gossiping, judging, slandering, fighting, etc. with and about others because of their mis-doings and/or mistakes. All the while, ignoring that the very thing they are doing is setting themselves up as God by judging and talking about the other. Why not do as God has called us to do and, “LOVE. LOVE. LOVE…. and simply pray’ for those who are struggling or getting off track a bit?… instead of jumping into the mud to dirty ourselves as well. This life is way too short to waste on costly grumblings and undue judgement of others. Instead, we should all share lots of smiles and laughter, tenderness, kindness, thoughtfulness, and good deeds with our friends, families, and strangers that enter our midst. Peace and love are ours to receive,… and ours to give. Today is the day to pay it forward and lay up treasures in heaven…. One day it will all pay off. And when one’s heart aches because of the wrong-doing of another… press in to God…. He knows, He cares, He comforts, He heals…. And He understands every hurt and heartache. He will make your path straight in due time. ♥
“God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” Therefore, submit to God. resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you……” Ja. 4:6-12 We live in a very fallen world…. we have to love the unlovely, or there will be no one to love b/c we’re all there together and we all trip and fall from time to time. ‘Our righteousness is like filthy rags.’ The Word says, “LOVE covers a multitude of sins.” It was the Pharisees that judged so snootily that Jesus spoke against so harshly. Oh, how I never want to fall into ‘Phariseeism.’ Be blessed & have a wonderful day. You were created with & for greatness…. The greatest of which….. is love. ♥


(fb entry from 2/3/12)

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