Wishful Blessing

Have a wonderful, awesome, fantastically blessed day!!! You are a miracle, created, designed, equipped, and chosen by God for amazing purposes beyond you’re understanding.

I pray for a fresh glimpse of revelation and wave of love over you today in Christ Jesus, that you would be continually equipped and strengthened in faith, courage, love, joy, hope, mercy, compassion, and grace for each new day.
We live in a fallen world with much sadness and struggle around us, but depending on how we chose to see and embrace each new day, we have the opportunity to look around, build one another up, and be a source of comfort, healing, and strength in a hurting world. Remember, this world is not our home, we are just passing through… and some have a more difficult journey than others.
Every little act of love and kindness is huge in the grand scheme of things, and you never know the life you may change, and how much it may mean to the other person, planting a seed of love in their heart for a lifetime. Be blessed by blessing. ♥
Lots of love and cheer, sa

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