One Nation, Under God…

Monday, Monday…. here we are again. Grateful for a wonderful trip with awesome friends and family, but also very thankful to be home and getting my bearings again. There is a reason for the famous line, ‘there’s no place like home.’ <3 Yet…. my ‘need to ramble a bit’ side is about to bust!!! :p
While on our trip, I was able to finish 3 books that I really enjoyed and got my mental wheels churning… again. The last of which was ‘The Harbinger’ by Jonathan Cahn, a Messianic Rabbi in New Jersey. The other two were of a different topic, but strangely I have a sense that they all tie together in a very deep, intricate way as a super critical and timely message to our Nation in this hour. The Media battle is so hot and heavy over the well being of our Nation as a whole, the Economy, Healthcare, power, opinions, ego, money, greed, self-interest,…. ‘the pride of life.’ (1 Jn. 2:16)….. there is a huge loss of peace in our dear America. But while worldly, educated, successful people battle it out in their human reasoning, the key to America’s return to prosperity, freedom and favor lies beyond what ‘human’ strength and logic can fathom and accomplish on its own. This is difficult b/c it involves laying down our own agenda, pride, and self-interest… it involves embracing and walking in a humble and repentant state, individually and as a whole. It is heart-wrenching to realize the answer to America’s woes is so simple, yet so complicated and fought against due to the fact that it involves a persons ‘will’ and it will take the leaders of our Nation pressing into God and lead the people of our nation to RETURN to the precepts and morals of the Holy Scripture which our country was built upon, turning away from everything that is not of Him; Repenting for the ways we have pushed God aside and out. It will take our Leaders leading America back to God…. yet sadly so many Americans have embraced the ‘separation of church and state’. :'( And, I have a strong gut feeling that we will be suffering the consequences of those choices in ways we never thought imaginable if we do not return to our first Love… to God alone. We are in a very delicate time, and unless a strong remnant of courageous, faithful people of our Nation realize what is really going on and what is inevitably going to happen to the USA if we keep pushing the One True God out…. well,…. Lord, have mercy on us. <3 If ever there was a time to lovingly, compassionately, humbly, yet courageously stand up, speak, up, and live our lives set apart to God in Christ Jesus… it is NOW.
As for President Barack Obama and all those under his leadership, I pray his and their hearts will be broken with that which breaks the heart of God for our Nation. I pray in the Lord Jesus Christ that they will call on God with pure hearts and turn to the only One who can save our country…. ‘Jesus said to him, “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”‘ Mk. 9:23
And for whatever it’s worth, I wonder what would happen if our National Budget had a no strings attached 10% tithe to go toward the Lord’s work…. hmmmm….
Lastly, I came across this song video this morning that just hits the nail on the head…. beautiful and timely…. please listen and take deep to heart. Our beautiful America and our people are in increasingly desperate need of the favor and hedge of protection of Almighty God, the Great I AM….

“Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Cor. 3:17

Be blessed.

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