God alone is God… and that’s powerful.

With the high pressure ‘politically correct’ environment we live in, openly sharing the power and sovereignty of One True Living God in Christ Jesus isn’t always the most popular opinion. However, popular or not, peoples’ restrictions and opinions do not change who God is…. and He is Love, unconditionally. A God who sees the heart of a person, not their accolades, accomplishments, lofty positions, titles, or bank accounts. All of that is meaningless to Father God, Abba. He looks straight to a human’s heart. He understands us better than we understand ourselves. He has the ability to look past the shackles and imprisonments the world has placed upon us, and reaches us as only He can…. powerfully, and often miraculously. Just as the scales fell from Saul’s eyes (Acts 9), just as the legion of demons were cast from the man and into the pigs (Lk 11), just as people were forgiven and healed of leprosy and paralysis, and the sinful woman was forgiven (Lk 7), God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and miracles do still happen…. but we must open our hearts, our minds, and throw caution to the wind.
Wealth and power are often the greatest threats to a person’s soul, for the need for a Savior and living in humility gets incredibly difficult with so much of the world’s pleasures and success at our disposal. Distraction and undetected ego are great tools to keep us from the One who has a perfect plan for our lives. Control and having it all together tend to get in the way when things are going well. What an oxymoron, eh? When we have that elating feeling of ‘Life is Good,’ yet are NOT in relationship with Christ,…. oh my…. that is a place of great concern. For it is possible the cares of the world have choked and blinded. Something that can rob our focus from our Heavenly Father and Savior, which is the only thing that will matter when our time on earth is finished.
The story on this video clip touches my heart deeply. It is a beautiful reminder that God Sees Everyone…. no matter who or where they are. Like so many, I have sadly seen much selfishness and deep heart wounds happen in too many religious circles and settings. To a point of sharpening my sincerity discernment meter in a huge way. We live in a fallen world, and all fall short and make mistakes, that is completely okay. Yet haughtiness and hurtfulness in so-called Christian settings is a gigantic thorn in the side and hinderance to so many. This alone can cause people to run the opposite way and tempt them to reject Faith altogether. We need more of the sincere love and compassion of Christ flowing like Rivers of Living Water on every single soul in our midst… no matter what. People who need God the most are… everywhere. They may be sitting on the pew next to us, teaching Sunday School, or living in the meth lab across town. Or maybe it’s the kid who acts out at school because they are being beaten and abused and mentally tormented and threatened every night at ‘home.’ Hurting people are all around us, and it is our job to be vessels of love and living water for thirsty souls, no matter how big or small the act of kindness…. you never know when it just might save a life.

Be blessed,

Boomerang Blessings…. Send love, compassion and kindness out, open the way for random, miraculous blessings to return.

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