The Challenge is on…..

A while back, I was called out to do the 7 Day Bible Challenge. In so doing, it entails sharing a brief passage of scripture each day for 7 days.  Although I missed a couple of consecutive days along the way, the did all get shared.  What happened during that time, however, is what has struck me the most.  You see, there are so many things in life that we know we ‘should’ do, or we think we ‘do’ do, but when we actually ‘do’ them, it makes a huge difference.  I fell in love with the Word of God a long time ago, but it still wasn’t until I was in adulthood, facing the challenge of bringing up children the best way I possibly knew how that I really delve in, hook, line, and sinker.

When I embraced this Bible Challenge, I was told to share a few verses that meant something to me and tell a little about why.  Well, little did I know that would open a can of worms!  It dawned on me to go back through Bibles that I have used over the years and choose a passage out of a few of them, and write a little ditty about each one. That little journey of reflection broken something in me that was needing to be broken, that I didn’t realize needed to be. I needed to look back, reflect, remember where I came from and what God has done, how good and gracious He has been, always….. and continues to be this very day and from here on out.

Over the next few days, I’ll share that journey with you. Hopefully you too will be inspired and encouraged to be still and remember all He has done, remembering that He Alone Is God. Or maybe you’re at a point of just getting close to God, or needing to, and navigating as best you can through those life changing seasons.

You are awesome, you are loved, you are designed by the Master’s Hand with divine purpose in mind.

Be blessed, shana <3


 Ps. 34:18

Bible Challenge, Day 1 of 7.  As challenged by my dear cousin, Roy.

I decided to flip back through Bibles I’ve used over the years and pick out passages that were very meaningful at various times, in various ways. This passage is highlighted out of the first Bible that I had that was really ‘mine’…. dated 1995. I chose to accept Christ when I was 8 at a James Robison Crusade, baptized a couple weeks later by my Grandad who was a Baptist preacher, but the growth kind of stopped there for quite a long stretch of time. The night of the crusade, Mom & Dad purchased a King James Bible, and it sits next to my daily devotion chair to this day. But…. I seriously need some modern lingo for the Word to be a bit more understandable. Ha. Today’s passage came from that first personal Bible (NIV version), one that I actually began reading and studying with a vastly hungry heart.
Little did I know how much it would change me, and plant seeds of life and healing in my heart that could never be removed. God set me on a pretty profound journey of heart restoration that continues to this day, and will continue til my last breath. He has his work cut out here! Ha. Hope this week’s passages will speak to your heart and be a blessing to you as well. Life is full of ups and downs, but it is in those low, broken places, when we cry out to Him with a sincere heart, that our heavenly daddy, our Abba Father, pulls us in under His wing, nice and cozy, and whispers, ‘do not fear, do not be afraid, I am here and I’ve got you…..’ <3 

Psalm 34:18
Been here, done that, held on to this anchor promise a few times in life. It works.

Be blessed,


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