Thank you for stopping by StableWords Devo-Blog.   It’s a great blessing to have you.   It is my hope that the writings you are drawn to here will be a blessing of comfort, and a powerful word specifically for you in due season.  May you be encouraged in your challenges, inspired to dream big, and motivated to shoot for the stars and be your best with each new day.

May you find strength, courage, hope, and healing within the words and stories shared within these pages.  And most of all, may the warmth and unconditional love of the Lord Jesus Christ sink deeply into your heart and soul until there is no doubt of how very, very much YOU are LoVeD by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Now, go ahead, grab your coffee or tea, climb up in Abba’s lap, and hide up under the shelter of His wing to rest awhile… you are safe there…. no matter what.

 “when doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.” 
Ps. 94:19


Stable Words God says about each and every Believer….


A child of God
Redeemed from the Hand of the Enemy
Saved by Grace through Faith
A New Creature
Partaker of His Divine Nature
Redeemed from the Curse of the Law
Delivered from the Powers of Darkness
Led by the Spirit of God
A Son/Daughter of God
Kept in Safety Wherever I Go
Getting All My Needs Met by Jesus
Casting All My Cares on Jesus
Strong in the Lord and the Power of His Might
Doing All things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me
An Heir of God and a Joint Heir With Jesus
Heir to the Blessings of Abraham
Observing and Doing the Lord’s Commandments
Blessed Coming In and Going Out
An Inheritor of Eternal Life
Blessed with All Spiritual Blessings
Healed by His Stripes
Exercising My Authority over the Enemy
Above Only and Not Beneath
More Than A Conquereor
Establishing God’s Word Here on Earth
An Overcomer by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of my Testimony
Daily Overcoming the Devil
Not Moved by What I See
Walking by Faith and Not by Sight
Casting Down Vain Imaginations
Bringing Every Thought into Captivity
Being Transformed by a Renewed Mind
A Laborer Together With God
The Righteousness of God in Christ
An Imitator of Jesus
The Light of the World
Continuing to Praise the Lord with My Mouth.

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